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Transformation and Healing

Rapid Transformational Therapy as developed by Marisa Peer, is a method of hypnotherapy that truly empowers an individual to uncover the meaning and interpretation of events and then change them.

This leads to permanent, powerful change.  It honours and values the significance people attach to their issue/problem and then offers an emotional release – usually in one session

Rapid Transformational Therapy – Creating rapid  and permanent change in peoples lives.

About Roberta

I am a lot like you.

Life has thrown it’s share of adversities my way, fortunately I found Rapid Transformational Therapy and my life was turned around.

Now I am helping others to live the life they always dreamed they would.

What RTT can do for you


Finally remove the reasons why you smoke and create more empowering beliefs.

Weight Loss

Gain control of your life by losing the desire to over eat and find pleasure in your ideal weight.

Fertility Issues

Release yourself from the blockages that are hindering your efforts.


Release yourself from fear about the future and regain a sense of control over your life.


Break the negative thought patterns that are preventing you from getting a good nights sleep.


Overcome your feelings of edginess, lack of concentration & dread, & replace with Relaxed & Calm.

You should also know…

“When somebody comes to you in pain, they want relief, not just to talk about it over and over”.  

RTT offers that relief fast. Not only that, it cuts through all the psycho- BS using her unique method of hypnosis, regression and transformation to get to the root-cause of a vast array of issues, unlocking the door and quite literally sets people free of limiting, negative beliefs keeping them from living the happy, fulfilling life they deserve.  

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RTT Rapid Transformational Therapy with Roberta McInturff
Roberta Mcinturff hypnotherapist

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